BetweenDesignResearch is a specialized headhunting consultancy which selects and recruits fashion designers and professionals exclusively for the fashion business.

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Job offers

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BETWEEN DESIGN RESEARCH is a specialized headhunting consultancy which selects and recruits fashion designers and professionals exclusively for the fashion business.

Our expertise spans the entire fashion industry: from luxury labels to leading brands and high street fashion.

The company was founded in 1999 by Elisabetta Berla and Sabrina Damassa who both have wide-ranging professional experience in the world of fashion and accessories BETWEEN has become one of the leading Italian consultancies, selecting and recruiting fashion designers and professionals at an international level.

The experience that the two founders have acquired in the field of both design and the finished product guarantees an efficient and accurate recruitment service BETWEEN’s professional headhunting and talent scouting provide the crucial link between creativity and the fashion business.

At a time when changes in the conception of the fashion product, its production and distribution, all take place at ever-increasing speed, efficiency is vital; it has become essential for the whole framework of the fashion system to interact International styles and trends are monitored globally and include a sharp eye on the perceptive and fast-growing Far Eastern market.
Selection, recruitment and problem solving.
BETWEEN supplies professional profiles that rigorously match company requirements, thus helping clients implement their branding strategies and increase their market competitiveness.
Product and design categories

High Street e Formale

Textiles and prints
Leatherwear and soft accessories
Professional posts

Fashion Coordinator
Art Director
Brand Manager
Product Manager
Responsabile Produzione
Visual Merchandiser
Press Office

Pattern cutters

Brand Manager
Marketing Director
Trade Marketing Manager
Marketing analyst

Commercial Director
Branch Manager
Export Manager
Sales Manager
Area Manager

Retail Director
Retail Manager
Head Buyer

Licence Manager
BETWEEN constantly monitors leading fashion events, and up-to-the-minute trend analysis

Thanks to the vast network of resources built up over the years by the founders, BETWEEN has access to the top professionals in the fashion system.

BETWEEN’s recruitment research is based on direct contact.

The assessment of candidates is carried out by face-to-face interviews, the acquisition of detailed, personal information and accurate evaluation of an individual’s profile

Careful attention is given to the candidate’s professional qualifications, work experience and personality traits, in order to ensure a successful match

BETWEEN protects the privacy of both the client and the recruit. All information received and all profiles in our database are treated as highly confidential.

BETWEEN’s mediation begins with the client’s initial briefing session, and ends when a contract is signed and the successful candidate begins employment The shortlist is submitted promptly, ensuring a correct number of interviews and therefore effectively saving the client valuable time

BETWEEN’s fee is negotiated as a percentage of the successful candidate’s annual salary.
BETWEEN’s database is constantly updated and holds the details of over 3000 Italian and International professionals; these details include background, specific skills and work experience, as well as personal aptitude for successful team work and languages spoken, in order to assess the optimum level of employment.
Senior positions
Fashion designers and professionals with previous, successful work experience in internationally established fashion companies

Junior positions
Designer graduates from the most important, internationally recognized fashion schools, which are constantly monitored by BETWEEN.
Elisabetta Berla and Sabrina Damassa are members of the graduation juries in various fashion schools, notably: La Cambre in Brussels, IED in Milan, Unit F buro fur Mode in Vienna.

Professionals already employed in at various levels of the fashion label industry: from luxury goods through to high street fashion, from clothing and accessories to perfumes and cosmetics. Our database includes people who can satisfy all levels of skill, from highly qualified managers in key roles, through to junior positions with potential for promotion.
If you wish to be considered for inclusion in the BETWEEN
database please fill in the following form and send us your CV.

We are working on a new web site, please, till the new version of the web site will be on line, send your cv to our email box: between@betweenresearch.com
We have never worked with BETWEEN, how can we start?
Call us to make an appointment so that we can discuss your requirements You will meet the consultant most suited to your needs, whether in the area of design or business management and retail Following the meeting you will receive an email with details of your requirements, together with a copy of our contract to be signed and returned if you wish to work with us

What information do you need from us prior to commencing a research?
We will ask you for a detailed description of the job position, general information regarding your company framework, where possible the salary available for the post to be filled, the reason why the position is available (i.e. creation of a new role within the company structure, or substitution) and all other details of particular skills required.

How long does a research take?
This depends on the type of position to be filled and the level of skills required We normally send you the short listed CVs within a week of receiving the signed contract. The research of highly qualified candidates with very specific skills can take longer.

How many CVs will you send us?
We usually supply about 4-5 CVs although this can vary depending on the job role. If a suitable candidate is not identified, the research is extended.
Can we make direct contact with candidates?
The CVs we send you do not contain personal contact details of candidates. If you wish to meet a suggested candidate you may do this exclusively through BETWEEN. Direct contact with candidates can only take place once a job offer has been made.

We prefer not to hold interviews at our premises. May we arrange the meeting in your offices?
We are more than happy to offer this service to our clients BETWEEN offices are located in Via Viganò 4, Milan.

What happens if we are not happy with the new recruit?
If you inform us within the agreed period, as per our contract, we will search for a new candidate free of additional charge
Via F. Viganò 4, 20124 milano
Tel. +39 02 29014402
fax: +39 02 654806

e-mail between@betweenresearch.com

How to reach us:
bus: 43
tram: 30, 29
metro: green line, Garibaldi FS